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Family Reunions
Destin Florida 2007
Destin Florida 2007
Callaway Gardens
Cocoa Beach
Family Expansion Continues

Week of June 11th ?


Ryan Jose is in Charge !

We were thinking of renting a couple of homes for all of us to stay in. I'm not sure who all will be coming. I'll send an e-mail to the group to get an idea on who can come and how much everyone is willing to pay for rent. Do you have everyone's addresses I can use? We're looking at going the week of June 11th.

Cookie & Bob Confirmed !

Cookie and Bob will be coming as well. I'm pretty sure Brooke will be coming, but it may depend on what John is doing next summer. Jon Seale says he is in, but will only be coming for a few nights, not the entire week.

Jon Seale is Coming ! PTL !!!

Spencer, Kim, and the boys are too !! Yeah !

Responses from Spencer and Hannah. Both of them are planning on coming.

Spencer said he has enough travel points to be able to stay at a local Marriot for free, so he will not be needing a place to stay.

Hannah said they would be sharing a place with us.

Hannah & Family are committed...staying in the Hizzouse ??

Dorroughs Clans are getting set for the First of the Week...but will be peelin'.

Scott & Kelli are Planning to Join in the Festivities but will not be staying in the Shared House. HOT Rates with Starwood allow accomodations for Scott, Steve, Sheila & Ardith. the Four Points by Sheraton Destin-Fort Walton Beach. 1325 Miracle Strip Parkway Highway 98 East Fort Walton Beach, Florida 32548

Scott & Kelli, Sheila & Ardith - 9th to 12th.

Sheila and Ardith are looking at going down Sunday the 10th and returning home on Wednesday. So Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at the hotel...are to be reserved.

Have you heard if Steve and Linda will be coming? Jon Seale says he is in, but will only be coming for a few nights, not the entire week. Us, Hannah's family, Brooke's family, Spencer's family, and Bob & Cookie are all in for the enitre week. Sheila also said she is in, .
Ardie is now committed....since her 50th High School Class Reunion is in July. She will make it for a couple days.


Four Points by Sheraton Destin-Fort Walton Beach

Holy Mackerel !!
Look at all that fish we caught.!!

Check out this Picture of Scott & Steve in Destin back in the days before cable TV & cell phones. Scott is in the powder Blue sweater. Steve's in Red...with the short hair.

Contact Ryan Jose for Resort and Travel Arrangements